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Data Center Systems, Inc. has been the exclusive Liebert representative in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Western Wisconsin since 1978 supplying end users, contractors, value added resellers, engineers, and IT departments with the highest quality and most reliable products, innovative efficient designs, and the best overall service in computer support systems in the industry. We, at Data Center Systems, are dedicated to being your critical infrastructure partner in providing unsurpassed service, products, and design assistance. We keep business in business.



Reliability, Availability, Dependability, Flexibility, and Integrity - that is Data Center Systems. We have what you need to keep your company growing whether it is adding on or building a new data center we will find the best solution for you.






High Availability! - The Liebert NX - On-Line UPS - 225-600kVA


The scalable Liebert NX 225-600kVA UPS is a transformer-free, high efficiency, on-line UPS. The UPS operates with unity power factor, providing more real power for data center equipment. Liebert NX allows Softscale capacity upgrades without increasing footprint.



  • More watts for your money – Unity Power Factor rated
  • Intelligent Eco-Mode is standard in every system – no upcharge for this feature or for the continuous-duty static switch
  • Reduced operating costs – up to 95% efficiency at partial load conditions during normal operation. Up to 98% efficiency in both partial and fully loaded conditions during Intelligent Eco-Mode operation
  • Large, user-friendly touch screen display




Efficiency Corner



Revolutionizing the Data Center - The NEW Liebert DSE


The Industry's First Free Cooling DX System - Highest Efficiency PUE Rating of 1.05 - Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 Minimum Efficiency by 52 Percent





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GET SMART!  Liebert's iCOM Controls


No need to invest in expensive 3rd party monitoring systems. The Liebert iCOM control system featured on Liebert precision cooling products brings server centric monitoring to multiple units. Liebert iCOM controls offer a variety of advantages, including increased data center energy efficiency, availability, and flexibility right out of the box!!




  • Rack Temperature Sensors - Remote temperature sensors can be attached to the top,   mid, bottom of racks and in subfloors to help ensure enough air at the correct temperature is being supplied by the cooling unit(s).
  • Teamwork Mode - allows up to 32 cooling units to work together as a single system to optimize room environments and drive data center infrastructure performance.
  • Unique to iCOM Controls - ability to vary fan speed, control outdoor units, and much, much more!